Allergy Identifier:

Healthy foodOur bodies have a way of letting us know when something isn’t quite right and it is important to listen to those signs.  Hidden allergens in our homes, food, and environment can trigger an immune response with a wide range of effects.  We will help you identify allergens and provide you with the information to support your system.

$150 ($75 follow up)

Allergy Adjustment:

It can be tough to modify your lifestyle or diet to accommodate allergies or sensitivities and we can help simplify the process.  We work with you to make it an empowering and positive process so you can make informed decisions towards a healthy future.


Allergy Diet:

You just found out that a member of your family has a food allergy and are feeling overwhelmed.  We can help go over hidden allergens and appropriate substitutes to ensure a well-balanced and tasty diet.  Food allergies don’t have to mean a lifetime of tasteless restrictions.  With knowledge and choices you will have the options to make a healthy and stress-free transition to an allergy-free life. 


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