Children's Health

ADHD Alternatives:

Children's healthThe teachers are struggling and so are you, but you don’t want to medicate.  We help identify and eliminate triggers and support the body to allow for focus and concentration.  Working in a positive way with your child’s strengths and interests to help them achieve their potential.

$125 ($75 follow up)

System Support:

As a parent you can see things in your child that others cannot, but it isn’t always easy to put the pieces together.  When you know that things aren’t as good as they can be, but the doctors and allergists say everything is fine, we can help.

We know that you don’t want to settle when it comes to your child’s health.  We find the hidden allergens in foods and the environment that are bringing your child down.  Restoring energy and spunk while getting rid of the dark circles, temper tantrums, or recurring skin problems we empower you to make positive changes towards lifelong wellness.

$125 ($75 follow up)

Lifestyle Lifesaver:

Video games, TV, snacks, and internet and you don’t want to be the bad guy.  We help you find balance and structure so that you can still offer all of the privileges you want to provide, but in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

It’s tough to know how to incorporate modern lifestyle into a busy schedule and we can help demystify the key to having it all.


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