Absentee Reduction:

Corporate servicesIn a combination of system analysis, staff interviews, and management input we can help you identify and amend factors that can be contributing to staff absenteeism.  Stress, health, and family circumstances are all major factors relating to decreased productivity and increased absentee rate. 

We can help you develop and implement an effective plan specific to your staff and work environment to work towards achievable, fiscally responsible goals such as reduced absentee rates, staff retention, and increased productivity.

Team Building:

Show your staff you value them and their families.  Bring us in for workshops and seminars on the topic of your choice.  We offer many formats for a variety of corporate structures.

We can also provide print material in addition or as an alternative to the workshop format.  Some popular topics include – Weeknight meal planning, How to eat healthy while travelling, Office fitness, Nutrition at the Office, Finding Balance with work and family.

Please contact us if you have a specific topic you would like addressed, but that you don’t see listed.

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