Prenatal and Postpartum

Prenatal and postpartum servicesRisk Reducer:

Just found out your pregnant and want to give your baby the best opportunity at a healthy start, book a risk reducer.

We help educate and empower you to make the right choices for your circumstances.  From foods to cleaners to common procedures we can focus on your major concerns and will customize the information to your needs.


Nutrition Planner:

You know you are eating for two now, but what exactly should you be eating and how much? We will help you make a plan to provide the right nutrients to help baby thrive, while keeping mom looking great.


Postpartum Survival Guide:

The pregnancy is over, now for stage two.  Whether you are breast or bottle feeding, your body has specific needs to help you heal and also care for your changing body and growing baby.  We offer support and guidance to postpartum women to help minimize emotional and physical stress while giving them the tools to care for themselves.


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