Client Testimonials

Our clients have included individuals and businesses from a range of backgrounds.  Just some of the people we have worked with include:  professional and amateur athletes, children, seniors, pregnant and nursing women, stay-at-home moms, professional couples, teachers, university students, executives, sports teams, private and public schools, and local businesses.

"Thank-you so much for the solid coaching and nutritional advice, with it I have gone from post-partum to elite athlete three times in five years. Your programs are awesome because they are not the cookie cutter approach that so many people use. You helped me succeed using the resources that I already had. Thanks!"

Suzanne Wemp - Pro mountain bike racer, thriathlete, mother of three.

"Your obvious and simple solutions have kept my son from having to undergo major surgery and have drastically improved his mood and health. Since our consultation his teacher and hockey coach have both been asking me where this super kid came from!"

James Culgin