Weight Loss

New Beginning:

Weight loss servicesDiets Don’t Work and that is because weight loss is more than just a diet, it is a lifestyle. If you have tried everything and are feeling discouraged, we can help.  We offer a complete weight loss plan that focuses on health, not food.

You will learn how to make small basic changes towards a truly healthy life including fitness, nutritional balance, and emotional support to help empower you to feel happy and in control of your choices.

This in depth service offers a program like no other and helps examine the hidden factors holding you back.

Through knowledge and positive choice, you will begin to take steps towards freedom and self-confidence in a new life of health and well-being.

$175 ($75 follow up)

Children’s Weight Redirect:

Children have special dietary needs and as parents it can be a challenge knowing that those needs are met.  There is something inside us that makes it feel wrong to refuse food to our kids.

We help guide and support you in making positive steps to feeding your children.  From picky eaters to special needs, we can help you get them back on track without power struggles, guilt and tears!

$150 ($75 follow up)

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